Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

So you want my art on your bod? I’m flattered, to say the least, but before we kick up our relationship to the next level we gotta get the business part out of the way.

The 'tattoo ticket' is a way to purchase my existing artwork as a tattoo, or as inspiration for an adaptation for a tattoo. 

Following your purchase, you’ll receive a ticket download that grants written permission to use my work for a tattoo. Most tattoo artists feel more comfortable (or better yet REQUIRE) receiving approval from artists when tattooing their work, so this is a quick and easy way to provide that. 


This listing is for DIGITAL TATTOO TICKET only. There is nothing shipped (no physical ticket). If you need a clearer image of the artwork, I’m happy to provide via email if possible. Just provide proof of tattoo ticket purchase when requesting.


Please note: I am not drawing custom tattoo designs at this time; this ticket does not cover any customizations to artwork or new commissions. It is for existing artwork only. Additionally, it grants rights for personal use only, NOT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL USE. 


Please feel free to send me any images once the tattoo is completed and tag me on Instagram @alliefalcon! Thanks for loving and supporting my art!