Do you wholesale any of your products?

Not at the moment, but I'm always open to the possibility of expanding and offering it one of these days, so please feel free to drop me an email or DM and I'll add you to the list to contact if I ever do!


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! International shipping is $15. Any customs fees are the buyers responsibility.


Do you offer custom designs? | Will you design a tshirt for my business?

I'm not currently offering custom graphic design, as to avoid being in direct competition with my own products.  


Do you have a store front I can shop at in person? 

Currently, all Allie Falcon products are sold online only. Occasionally, I participate in trade shows and pop up shops. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will see when and where I'm popping up!


Where can I find your home decor products?

All home decor/lifestyle products are on: https://society6.com/allie_falcon?curator=allie_falcon


Do you offer custom leather designs?

No I don't. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm happy to recommend my favorite makers if you want to drop me a DM or email!


My purchase was lost in the mail. Will you refund me? 

Unfortunately, after we leave your package with the Post Office, we have no control over what happens to it. The address you enter at checkout is automatically printed on the label we use to ship the item, so if it was entered incorrectly and the item was already shipped, Allie Falcon can't be held responsible. If you entered the address correctly and your item was still lost, this is the postal services' mistake and Allie Falcon cannot be held responsible. These terms must be agreed upon by the buyer at checkout. Learn more by reading our "Shipping and Returns" page.