So you may have stumbled on my site and thought, "awesome, every single thing is sold out." No worries love, there will always be more. Once a month, I pick one Friday and upload ALLLLLLLL of my newest inventory on that day at 5pm CST. Everything is sold on a first come, first serve basis and once everything is sold out, it is gone until the next update. Occasionally I will retire a style so there will only be a limited amount of that item circling the globe. :)

Typically, I will have my shop update date listed on my home page and if you follow my social media accounts you will be able to see peeks of what I will be offering. Click to follow me on: Instagram & Facebook.

I do not take custom orders, so everything sold during my shop updates is the only inventory I have available. There are no holds or pre-purchases. As I mentioned above, my shop updates operate on a first come, first serve basis so everything is fair for everyone. I recommend setting an alarm on your phone to remind you when the shop update is, because oftentimes items will sell out within minutes or in the first hour, but if you have your alarm set you have a good chance at snagging the item you want.

I BIG TIME appreciate all the love and support I get from my customers and I realize y'all are the reason I get to live out my dream, so THANK YOU!