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Most of us love a good tshirt. They dress up or down and they get the job done. Right? But if you're looking for a little change from your ever growing tee addiciton thats overflowing your drawer, chopping one up is the perfect solution. This diy is quick and only requires a few things:
Crop Top DIY w/ Belly Tie Instructions
  • Measure how short you want your capped sleeve to be and pin it. Consider that the fabric will roll about an inch after you cut it. I cut about 2 inches off these sleeves.
  • It helps to have a cleaner cut if you use fabric scissors and have someone pull the fabric tight while you cut. Don't worry if they aren't absolutely perfect! The roll of the fabric hides most imperfections anyhow!
  • Next, pin how short you want the crop to be. Remember to add an inch in length as the fabric will roll/shrink up about an inch from where you cut. I recommend trying it on and pinning.
  • You can mark your cut line with a cut pencil, or just start choppin' if you're a rebel. 
  • Tug at all your freshly cut areas to get that roll action!
  • If want a little extra (like in the photo above), trim a 2-3 inch wide strip off the bottom of the shirt you would otherwise throw away and then cut it so its one long stretchy strip that you can wrap around your waist and tie! 
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Tee DIY tshirt diy

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