Tie-Up Crop Tee DIY

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It's HAWT AS HELL in Texas, so off with the sleeves it is! This DIY looks kind of tricky, but honestly it took about 10 minutes to finish!




  •  You don't have to cut the neck hole, but if you do, just start where the seams meet at the shoulder and the collar, make your first cut down that shoulder seam and then just follow the collar hemline around until you've cut the whole ringer off. I put mine on after and put a pin where I wanted the middle bottom of the V in the neck to be. If you don't pin this part while it's on your bod, you risk cutting the V off center which isn't ideal! Then I took it back off my bod, folded the front part of the shirt in half and started my cut where my pin is cut a diagonal piece, which when unfolded creates the V. Folding it in half keeps both sides of your V cut symetrical.
  • Next cut your arm holes by marking/pinning how wide you want your tank to be on the shoulders. Start the cut there and slowly cut closer to the seam as you follow it down towards the armpit. Look at photo above to see how I did it.
  • Now, mark how short you want your crop to be when it's tied with a pin or pencil marking. Then mark the bottom center of the front of the shirt. Draw a diagonal line from that bottom center, up to your pin on the sides. (Shown below.
  • Carefully separate the front of the shirt from the back so you can be sure you are only cutting the front and cut down the lines you marked. Then cut a slit up the middle of bottom of the shirt to create your ties. (Shown below)

  • Flip the front of the shirt up so you can see the back of the tee and then cut a straight line from pin to pin so the back of the tee will be the same length as the front when tied. Shown Below.

Tug at all your fresh cuts so they will slightly roll and look clean and you're done! Wear with a cute skirt or high waisted jeans and you're in business! For more outfit ideas follow my Instagram @alliefalcon!

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